I'm Elliot, and I run Lion Island Media!

Music Video Videography in Cheltenham, by Lion Island MediaBased in Gloucestershire, I've been working with artists and clients for the last decade for all kind of needs, starting with producing videos for artists and bands, and branching out to produced work for documentaries, television and corperate events. My work has lead to some of my music videos being features by major publications and my composition work receiving critical acclaim.

Music Video Videography in Cheltenham, by Lion Island MediaAfter completing my degree in Popular Music 5 years ago, I continued my creative journey into social media and marketing, and have run several accounts for all types of businesses. Being only one man means I can work directly with clients, providing a personal touch to ensure everything produced is of high quality and making sure customers are 100% satisfied with the final product.


Below is a small selection of some of the artists I've worked with, but a you can watch more on my YouTube channel below:

  • Midnite City

    Glam rock at its finest. One of two videos shot in the same day for the band, a classic performance video.

  • Proteus

    A mixture of live performance and narrative, shot across 2 days. Drawing inspiration from horror trailors - fast cuts and rhythmically driven editing.

  • I, The Lion

    Experimenting with silhouettes and a narrative that had to fit the shapes of the band. Fun fact: the drummer in the video has wooden spoons for drum sticks.

  • Red Light Rebels

    Fast, catchy punk shot in a mixture of handheld and on a gimbal to add to the energy of the song. Features a special guest appearence at the end too!

  • Watercolours

    All filmed while the band performed at the Colston Hall in Bristol, capturing their performance and buildup to it. A great way to showcase their new single and live performance.

  • Screaming Dead

    Iconic 80's horror punk at its finest, all in a live setup with some of their closest fans.


Prices will vary depending upon the extent of the project, but here is a starting point to give you an idea (travel costs may apply). For a specific quote contact us directly with more details:

Music Video Capture your next single in a video that reflects you as an artist. Prices start from only £220 for half a days shoot of a performance video, but options for a narrative and other extras are avaialble (additional fees may apply). £220
Live Promo Want to showcase your performance? A live promo is a great way to do it, creating a video that matches your performance and shows fans what you're about £60
Live Recording A mixture of a studio recording and a live video, giving you a great way to capture you as a performer, also getting a professioanlly recorded live version of your next single. £350
Tour Videos Got a tour coming up? A videographer can really document all those candid moments for you to share with your fans, as well as performances night after night. Options include daily edits and longer post-tour videos. £50+

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